PRIMO 100 is one of the well known steroids which get used by people as a leading anabolic or weight gaining substance. This is an injectable steroid with stronger anabolic activities. PRIMO 100 has also an extended half life spanned over 14 days. PRIMO 100 is an injectable steroid which can be used to counter trauma regarding burns, diseases caused sue to radiation, loosening muscle mass and set up the nitrogen balance in the body. The yellow colored steroid should not be used as an intravenous injection. The usual dosage of PRIMO 100 is 75 to 100mg per day for men and 30 to 60mgs for women. The active life span of the steroid is 4 to 6 hours. PRIMO 100 has enough bodybuilding benefits. The bodybuilders use PRIMO 100 mainly during the cutting phases while it is needed to shed some fat to get a trimmed look to the body. PRIMO 100 helps to bulk up to both the men and women. However, bodybuilding enthusiasts should be cautious about using PRIMO 100 as the overdose of it may lead them to serious health issues to steroid abuse which may turn fatal at some points. People with nephritic syndrome, kidney diseases and chronic or acute problems with liver should not take PRIMO 100. Those who are breast feeding an infant should also consult the doctors before starting PRIMO 100 steroid cycle. Women who have hypercalcemia should also avoid taking PRIMO 100. The usual anabolic side effects like hepatic liver, cardiovascular problems and blood pressure rising can be occurred after PRIMO 100 usage. Users may also suffer from blurry vision, headache, insomnia as well as hair-line reduction as per as the androgenic effects of PRIMO 100. For women clitoral enlargement and peripheral edema can be seen after administering PRIMO 100.
Substance Methenolone Enanthate

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